Thursday, November 22, 2012

A Goal Set: Thanksgiving Update

About a week after I wrote the post A Goal Set is a Goal Met, I brought my family to a Welcome Home Open House for Sensei Kayla Harrison -- the first ever US Gold Medalist in Judo. I had a blast watching both my girls take a judo class from Sensei Kayla and was giving them snacks when Sensei Kayla said, "Ok parents. Your turn ... Get on the mat."

I was using my cane that day but I didn't hesitate to line up with the other parents to begin the workout. Until I realized she was beginning with jogging to warm up. Crestfallen, I left the mat and headed back to my seat struggling not to admit how close I was to crying. Until that moment, I had no idea how badly I wanted to be out there And then something clicked.

I stood up and walked over to Sensei Riley and said, "Please. I can't do the warm-up ... can I still do the class?" He said, "Of course!"

And I did.

I needed someone to bring me my cane to get off the mat after the class but I know I was beaming. As I rested and waited my legs t return to something other than jelly, the dojo quieted down as they began to raffle off door prizes. I could hardly believe my ears when they called my number for the Grand Prize.

I won a month of free judo classes and a free uniform. I didn't even consider using the prize towards Maddie's  fees ... this one was mine. I walked up to Sensei Pedro to accept my prize with my cane and he looked me in the eye with a smile, "You going to do this?" I grinned back at him and said, "Yes."

I set a goal. I would do a month of judo. I would get there at least once a week for a month, if it meant I had to have family drive me, if I had to go up and down those damn steps on my butt. Where I usually share everything exciting on Facebook, I kept this goal private. Telling only a few people, I drew on family, friends and my Fibromyalgia support group to keep me going those first few classes. Sensei Riley helped me chose classes where he would be able to help me modify the exercises ... he often offered to help me get down the stairs after. I felt safe going to his classes knowing that he had seen me struggle up those steps enough to understand the severity of my weakness. Many times I went to the Women's Workout class, which focuses on weights, core strengthening hardcore exercise and using judo for self-defense. I loved every exhausting, muscle-shaking minute. Inspired by how much enjoyed the classes, my older daughter Audrey joined Maddie and I on the mat. I was thrilled to hear that staff at her school have noticed the change in her - she walks with a new a happiness and confidence.

It has been two months now and I'm still going. Last week I was finally able to actually jog for the warm up for the first time. Today is Thanksgiving in the United States. I have many amazing blessings I have in my life, but I wanted to take a minute and post that I am thankful to Senseis Pedro and Riley for the chance to try and the encouragement to succeed.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Updated 11/27/2014 A Heart Full of Joy

Updated 6/23/2015 Giving Thanks. 2015.

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  1. Oh Melissa! I'm so proud of you!!! I had no idea! I understand why you kept it to yourself, but I do want you to know that I am so proud of you!! This made me smile so much! I am so happy you were able to find something you are enjoying this way!