Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Peanut noodles - a half assed recipe-ish

I'm now four weeks into being vegan (no cheating, tho I've made a few mistakes). The last two days have been hard so I was NOT up for cooking tonite. I went with mac & cheese for the wee people and was TRYING to order the man a sub but all the sub shops were closed :|


I took a mason jar, added the following and shook it the hell up. I poured it over instant hokkien noodles and tada, five minute meal. This isn't what I'd call a recipe - it's utter vagueness, even for me, but I'm so bad at remembering things that I need to post it here if I ever intend to recreate it.

Thai Peanut Noodles
Noodles of your choice (prepare after sauce is made)

Add these ingredients to a pint jar and shake up, or you know, mix in a bowl like a normal person...
Large scoop of chunky peanut butter (about half a cup ish)
2-4 tablespoons tamari or soy sauce to taste (I used too much)
1-3 tsp chili garlic sauce
Lime juice
Splash of vinegar
Small splash of oil (I didn't have any - but it needed it)

Mix it aaaaall up, adding splashes of water to get it the consistancy you want.

Add in 1/4c amounts to prepared noodles in a large bowl. Mix well, continuing adding sauce in small increments and tossing noodles - too much sauce isn't good.

Top with your favorite things. All I had was scallions and that was the perfect foil for the noodles.

Husband loved it tho he agreed the flavor balance was a little off in the proportions.

**I am in no way connected or receive reimbursement/product/kickbacks/magic powers from any of the companies mentioned here. All products mentioned were purchased by me or by the fabulous chiquita who shared their pics, generally using standard shipping which I immediately regretted as it takes too flipping long.**