Monday, May 17, 2010

Happiness is ... Brocolli?

I have never been a broccoli fan. I don't HATE it, but give me a fridge full of other things and the broccoli will go bad if the husband and minimonsters don't eat it.

Hoooooooooooooooowever. Many weeks research on the ever-reliable Google and Wikipedia lead me to some interesting RELIABLE websites ... and a remotely-possible new diagnosis.

There are only two ways of confirming I have or don't have this genetic thingamabob: convincing my doc to give me a new med on a trial basis (AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH ... hope you didn't pee yourself on that one) or eliminating the possible triggers that affect people with this. The triggers are odd but fit my pattern to a T.
  • high carb meals
  • high sodium diet
  • alcohol
  • resting after exercise
So now here I am, mocker of the Atkins diet and all other extreme eating fads, having to learn how to eat low-carb, low sodium. And not kill anyone. A caveat ... I still think these and all other extreme diets are not ideal but this is medically necessary for this condition.

I found this helpful carbohydrate food pyramid. I really don't want to follow someone's diet. I want to learn for myself what helps my symptoms so this visual is just what I needed. This low-carb veggie list is also a great self-check.

So here is my fast, easy way to make broccoli yummy.

Spicy Seared Broccoli

Rinsed Chopped Fresh Brocolli :D Duh.
Garlic Chili Sauce
olive oil or spray
granulated garlic
tamari or soy sauce
Kosher or sea salt
Sesame seeds (optional)
Skillet with lid

Heat a skillet (I prefer my cast iron) on high until it is super hot. Spray with oil or wipe with an oiled paper towel. Toss 1/2tsp chili sauce into the hot oil and stir quickly. Toss in brocolli and stir well. Spray again with oil or drizzle, then sprinkle as desired with salt, garlic and sesame seeds. Toss quickly until edges or broccoli are seared. Pour about a tbl of soy sauce into LID OF PAN, along with about 2-3tbl of water. Flip lid over on skillet. Pick up skillet, holding lid in place and shake skillet to mix soy sauce around. Put back on heat for 3-5m. Check to see if broccoli is steamed as you like it. If not, add more water to pan and recover. Repeat as needed. We like ours only very lightly steamed. When steamed as you like it, remove lid and allow to cook 1-2m more over high heat.

Yum :)

Can be modified many different ways with different flavorings but avoid any marinades that make burn off to a nasty flavor over high heat (ie if you want orange, eliminate the chili sauce and replace the soy sauce with OJ and orange zest). If you really want a hint of sweetness or to use a sugar based marinade, add it during the very last 1-2m of cooking.